The Teacher’s M•A•C Haul!

If there’s one thing that my friends and family would tell you about it, it would be that I am completely addicted to cosmetics!  I…

If there’s one thing that my friends and family would tell you about it, it would be that I am completely addicted to cosmetics!  I love makeup!  I have freelanced for M•A•C as a makeup artist for a few years and it fills this deep, deep passion that I have for cosmetics.  However, sometimes this passion means that I go way, way overboard in my makeup purchases.  Wait…that’s not actually a thing.  Never mind…
Here’s what I picked up on my latest trip to M•A•C!!
I had to pick up some gifts for people as well as some stuff for myself so I had multiple bags.  It always feels good to walk out of M•A•C with more than one bag!!

Lip Products: 

I picked up a new nude matte lipstick.  I just felt like I was missing something in my nude lip collection and I couldn’t put my finger on it!  I have Velvet Teddy here on the left and I think that’ll fill the void!  I also picked up a cremestick lipliner to go along with it!  I also got the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick!  This hot pink is just gorgeous!  I used to wear a lot of amplified finish lipsticks but I have kind of fallen away from them lately.  This is just the one to get me back on the amplified wagon.  Plus, I love Miley.  On the right is something that I’ve been wanting for MONTHS!  I am obsessed with Pro Longwear Lipglass.  This one is in Forever Rose.  I am slowly purchasing the whole line.  These things feel so silky and amazing.  Plus the wear time is incredible!!!

I also picked up Pink Nouveau (on the far left) for my mom.  She wanted a new pink lipstick and this has been one of my long-standing M•A•C favorites!  I also picked up a Viva Glam VI lipglass for my sister who’s about to have a baby. It’s one of those instant glam, easy glosses that’s perfect for anything.  I know she’s going to love it!  I also got myself the Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Lipglass…because it’s Viva Glam.  I mean, how can you pass up a charity lipglass in this gorgeous bright pink sparkly color?!

Here’s a picture of me wearing Velvet Teddy lipstick from M•A•C.  I love this color!!

Skin Products

I had to restock some of my favorite skin products.  I was running low on Face and Body foundation. I use this almost daily when I’m teaching.  I need to get out of the bathroom and off to work as fast as possible so I love the ease of Face and Body.  It gives enough coverage, doesn’t feel thick or greasy and leaves my skin looking radiant!  On the right, I had to get a new bottle of Studio Fix Fluid.  I love this stuff.  I wear it a lot when I’m getting photographed or when I want more coverage.  I needed a new bottle because I’ve gotten pale enough lately that my current shade was too dark and I haven’t been able to wear this foundation.  I’m happy to have it back.  In the center, I picked up more Matte Bronze because I was basically out of bronzer.  I love Matte Bronze!!

The Basics:

Again, I was basically out of all of this stuff.  I feel like I always run out of everything at once. I had to get a new bottle of Fix+.  If you don’t use this stuff, you need to!  Teachers work long days!  This setting spray helps your makeup wear all day long.  I can tell within a couple hours if I’ve forgotten my Fix+ spray.  It makes such a huge difference.  Brush cleaner is another staple for me.  I have to keep my brushes clean so my skin doesn’t break out and my shadows don’t get muddy.  I go through a lot of this stuff.  On the right, Gently Off is my go to.  I love this pink one.  It takes off my eye makeup and any stubborn lip products with ease!  It doesn’t feel slimy or greasy either.  

Random Products:

I had to get some Mineralize Skinfinish.  I can’t live without it.  I use it as my setting powder every single day.  I also finally ran out of my Warm Soul blush. I wear it almost every single day.  It lasted me over a year with constant wear, so I can’t really complain about that. Warm Soul is the perfect shade!!  I also had to get a new mascara.  I love Haute and Naughty.  Last, an eyebrow pencil for my sister.  She uses Brunette and Fling.  I do love these eyebrow pencils.  I use Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Whiz but I would be fine if I had to use these pencils.


Last, how can you go into a M•A•C store and not stockpile some gifts?  These new M•A•C eye palettes are awesome!  I had to get some for my kit and for gifts.  The burgundy collection was my absolute favorite!!!

Thanks for checking out my M•A•C haul!!  Which M•A•C products are your favorite?

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